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Advanced Green Solutions Contracting CompanyIf you have a tough problem to figure out, let our team of professionals help.


Our professional consultants provide creative solutions for roofing, gutter, and drainage problems you may be facing. Our consulting expertise is affordable and an alternative, more efficient solution versus hiring an engineering firm.


Our years of hands-on construction experience allow us to provide valuable insight and realistic solutions for your project challenges. Talk to us today about how we can help you and your project excel. 

Roofing Lifecycle Analysis

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Storm Drainage Problems

Underground Drain Design

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Leaking Structures & Basements

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Consulting Services Experts Gaithersburg, MD

Crane for apartment buildingsAdvantage Green Solutions has been around since 1992, but back then we were known as Royal Gutter Service. The decades of experience we have spent installing, repairing, replacing, and inspecting residential and commercial roofs has made us best in consulting service regarding roofing, gutter and more. We are the go-to professional consultants for all roofing inquiries.


Part of what we offer for our roofing consulting services includes a lifecycle analysis, and roof inspections.


When you have a big roofing job coming up, you want to make sure you give your client the best, most trusted result possible. Contacting professional consultants is just one more way you can show your client how dedicated you are to their project, while ensuring your work is the highest quality it can be.


A roofing lifecycle analysis from our consulting services will help you determine several factors of your roofing job, including how weather will impact the type of roof material you use and what is best suited for the roof’s design, the general lifespan of the materials you are considering, if a green roof is a viable option for your building environment, and more.


Go the extra mile by contacting our professionals, and tap into our decades of experience to help you make better, educated decisions that show long-lasting, reliable results. You’ll be glad that you did.

Professional Consultants for Drain Designs

Drainage pipesDo you have storm drainage problems or an underground drain design you are struggling with? Advantage Green Solutions began their work with gutters, drainage, and more. In fact, we’re known as the drainage experts because we assisted with the original drywell design creations.


That’s right, we don’t just have decades of experience, we were the experts who were brought in to help make an accountable, comprehensive drywell design that would be safe and efficient for use.


Our consulting services include providing trusted solutions for storm drainage problems you may be seeing on a business or government property. When utilizing the professional consultants from Advantage Green Solutions, you save time and money by avoiding a trial-and-error solution method.


Consulting services are best when received from experts, and we are the experts who can assist you with any issues you are facing. Additionally, we help with underground drain designs. A bad drain design can have large financial set-backs, not to mention the time it takes to correct the problems.


Don’t risk the budget or the schedule, contact us about our consulting services, and receive results that are more affordable than hiring an outside engineering firm.

Preventive Maintenance Consulting Gaithersburg, MD

Silhouette engineer and architect are planning or consulting the construction of new projects, Blueprint for job planning.Preventive maintenance, compliance inspections, and leaking structures and basements can all stump even the best companies. That’s why our professional consultants give recommended solutions for all of these issues.


Advantage Green Solutions always recommends a preventive maintenance consultant before any large or complex job. Preventive maintenance and compliance inspections ensure that your job plan won’t need to change weeks or even months down the line, resulting in costly changes and a set-back in schedule.


Part of our consulting services is to provide thorough planning and insight to the jobs you bring to us for feedback on. We believe in making every project manager as prepared as they can be in order to achieve the best results.


Even when you are called in for a leaking structure or basement, a second opinion on a reliable solution is needed. Our crewmen have seen all types of issues and implemented various solutions that are still trusted to this day. We value our experience, and that is why we offer consulting services, so you can gather the best solutions without hours of research and trial and error.

Having been in the business for over twenty-five years, we know what it takes to complete jobs quickly, accurately and safely while maximizing the quality of our service and providing value for our clients. Our main objective is your satisfaction.