Property Maintenance Company In Gaithersburg MD

Property Maintenance Services in Maryland – Do You Need Them?

Advantage Green Solutions is a trusted professional for your property maintenance in Maryland. We specialize in working with facility managers to supply easy solutions that address problems that arise with managing a single site or multi-unit portfolio.


We can tailor a comprehensive preventive maintenance program for you and your property, or we can provide site-specific individual services ranging from annual roof inspections and gutter cleaning to snow removal and building repairs.


Advantage Green Solutions has years of experience as a property maintenance company with a crew of dedicated professionals. See the difference in what a reliable team can do for your property.

Inspections and Compliance

Maintenance Contracts

Gutter Service and Annual Contracts

Roof Inspections and Repairs

Emergency Service & Storm Damage

All Types of Roofing

New Gutters

Leaf Protection


Vinyl Carpentry, Cladding and Trims

Carpentry and Painting

Pressure Washing

Snow Removal

Storm Water & Drainage Issues

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Emergency, Snow and Storm Services

PROPERTY MAINTENANCE COMPANY - Advantage Green SolutionsOne of the best parts of hiring a property maintenance company is having the peace of mind that your property will be protected and maintained during rain storms, snow storms, wind storms, flash flooding, and more.


A proper package includes provisions for how your property will be restored during and after these occurrences, even in emergency, urgent situations.


Part of what we do at Advantage Green Solutions provides that peace of mind to you. We have snow removal services for unexpected blizzards or your general East-Coast snowstorm, whether it happens in December or March.


We offer solutions for stormwater and drainage issues, as well as emergency storm damage in Gaithersburg MD, Bethesda MD, and surrounding areas. If tree branches have fallen or other issues occur during a bad storm, our maintenance service will take care of it so you don’t need to worry.


Don’t let your property go unmaintained during harsh weather, trust the experts to keep it safe and looking and feeling secure.


roofing services in marylandPart of our maintenance is to manage all types of roofing and roofing repairs. We do inspections, pressure washing, replacements, and more. Our experience encompasses low slope, flat slope, and steep slope roofing types.


Whether you have asphalt shingles, stand and flat seam metal, slate, cedar, or something else entirely, our crew can handle it as part of your maintenance package.

Gutters, Leaf Protection, and More

Commercial guttersAs a reliable property maintenance company, new gutters, leaf protection, general gutter service, and more are all part of the package we offer to maintain your property.


We began as a gutter company in 1992, meaning we know how to expertly install, repair, and replace your gutters with our team of professionals. If you leave your gutters unattended for too long, they will clog, possibly sag and break, and become worn-down from use and severe weather, rendering them useless to mitigate water away from your foundation.


The gutter services Advantage Green Solutions provides as part of our maintenance include thorough cleanings and rinsing of downspouts, so any clogs you had are completely erased, stopping overflowing and restoring the proper function of your gutters.


To withstand further clogging or overflow damage, we also provide leaf protection as part of our maintenance. This will not only complement the look of your gutters but protect them during extreme wind or storms that may throw debris into your gutters.


Don’t put off your gutter maintenance any longer, make it part of your property maintenance package with us, and keep your business, townhomes, and more looking fresh and new.

Siding, Trim, and Exterior Care

Painting side of buildingFrom top to bottom, your property is covered by our property maintenance company. Siding, vinyl carpentry, cladding, trims, painting, pressure washing, and more is all part of the package.


To maintain curb appeal and keep your property looking fresh, you want to ensure you have property maintenance for the siding and general exterior finishes your business needs. Advantage Green Solutions is experienced with various forms of siding repairs and replacements, including standard vinyl, cedar shake residential, and James Hardie composite siding.


We provide professionals who are experts with cladding and trim, so the details on the exterior of your business are pristine and attractive to all visitors. We keep up the maintenance with painting and pressure washing, so fading, chips or other issues don’t ruin your curb appeal.


It’s not just the big items, it is the small ones, too, that you want to focus on with maintenance. Advantage Green Solutions has you covered, So you do not need to worry about touch-ups from general use or sun-fading. Keep everything looking fresh and welcoming with our property services.

Having been in the business for over twenty-five years, we know what it takes to complete jobs quickly, accurately and safely while maximizing the quality of our service and providing value for our clients. Our main objective is your satisfaction.